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life imitates art and vice versa

The reason it reminds you of a Renaissance paintings is because of how the people’s gestures and gazes direct your eye between each other and ultimately toward the central motif of the Beib getting choked.

It’s also the colour scheme and the lighting. The deep red and the pale greens, the lighting so dark that some figures are obscured but the others stand out with brighter lighting. Even the circular pattern in the back references halos or other decorative features meant to draw attention. 10/10 good Renaissance art.

And I enjoy the subject matter too.

And some of the hoodies and T shirts look like robes at first glance…?

Malone, Post, and Justin Bieber. ‘Judas Gets His Ass Beat in the Club as Jesus Laughs.’ 2016. Phone Camera. Tumblr, The Club.

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